Service Providers

There are many services available for registered TPIs including but not limited to the Carer’s Payment/Allowance, travel & parking concessions, Service Pensions or Income Support… the list is extensive and worth checking out with your State/Territory Association.

It can be confusing trying to work out what you are eligible for. Many services and benefits are not always the same between State/Territory Associations, so it’s best to ask for assistance from your State/Territory TPI Association when trying to work out what benefits and services you are entitled to. Your State/Territory Association has trained and experienced volunteers who will answer all your questions.

Click here to find the contact details for your State/Territory TPI Association.

Services and benefits for TPIs are administered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. DVA has a number of Fact Sheets that will explain the concessions for each State/Territory along with much more information that is provided for the benefit of all DVA clients and their families.  Click HERE for your State/Territory concessions as defined by DVA.